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Message Subject Applied Kinesiology - Real or Fake?
Poster Handle LisaDiane
Post Content
Anybody want me to muscle test them remotely for your health issues?
 Quoting: LisaDiane

LisaDiane, please, please read me!:)
I'm particulary concerned about the health condition of my kidneys due to swollen ankles.
I would very much appreciate your help. Thanks sooo much!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8050932

AC, I hesitate to read your health as you have many issues going on, and generally your health is not good.

Since you are from Poland, I do not know if you have doctors, medical facilities etc in which to get help, or how easily you can access remedies at health food stores.

I say this because I am finding that you are deficient in every single vitamin I test for, and are deficient in every single mineral I test for except for iron ( which is puzzling unless you get iron from well water or something).

I would begin with taking a really good multiple vitamin/mineral supplement. I would take additional supplementation of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin B complex and iodine as these supplements give you the "biggest bang for you buck" ( meaning they will do the most good for your health).

You are correct in that your kidney is not good but also I find issues with your liver, pancreas, G/I tract, and your bladder. Your immune system is very stressed, and I see that you are infected with virus, bacteria, fungal infection, and parasites. What I have come to learn is that there can be viruses and bacterial infections that can have residual affects on your body, but they are not always evident with a fever.

The swelling in your legs makes sense if all of these organs are functioning poorly and you have issues with infection.

You may be diabetic as your pancreas is functioning at half of its capacity.

I am not a doctor, so please seek medical attention from a doctor and have them perform medical tests.

I will pray as for your health as this makes a very large difference.

Please give me some form of response, as I wish to know if any of this makes sense.
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