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Message Subject Mexican drug cartel beheading. How has this not been taken down?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The most disgusting beheading I've ever seen. Because it's so graphic and her face/eyes after, etc.

The sad part is that there are so many websites with this and it's spreading like butter allllll over the internet. All the kids are sharing it on their facebook pages and twitter. This is NOT something every child in the world should see on a Friday night chilling at home. Like the previous person wrote, you can't UNSEE this..... It's with you forever because it's not something anyone should think of, witness, go through or have to comprehend especially kids. My 17 year old told me about it... I then had to YELL at my 12 year old son to NOTTT click on any videos. FORBIDDEN! But come on, how can you seriously expect a kid not to click on a video his friend sends him on Facebook and a video on every kid's wall? (It's on ALL the kid's pages!) Especially after he's told NOT TO? It's awful. But it's also the Internet and everything is on here. It's our way of life now. Freedom of speech. Love it or hate it, it's our freedom.

Not only did he cut her head off, he hit her crotch with her head afterwards. Evil..... and scary.

These people are animals.
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