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Message Subject Mexican drug cartel beheading. How has this not been taken down?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I think we/they are on evil/gruesome overload especially in the last so many years... They see horrible things every night on the news which we watch nightly.

This in particular is not something I'd want him having nightmares about. It's WAY too much for anyone to see. Simply telling him that it's a video of someone cutting off a woman's head is enough. I had to give him that much.... It's enough. But of course all his friends and the entire world is talking about it so he's curious!!

On a website that has this video on it, they call it the fastest beheading in Cartel history... The villain was a pro... God only knows how many he's done. Must be tons.

I agree that we shouldn't shelter this generation, but taking every shred of innocence is not something I'm willing to do without fighting.
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