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KundalinI + Vagus Nerve = ????
 Quoting: Azeratel Axo

Interesting pi.

Can you expand on this?

That red bulge is what often 'pulses'...when throat chakra 'gets going'.


 Quoting: Seer777

That it most certainly does


OK this suggests to me that by reversing our electrical energy so that it travels up the body, rather than the spine, we can get head fucked! Hmm maybe it has something to do with the heart? OK so in kundalini yoga people try to get the energy to go up their spine into the head and then it's said it goes down the front of the body into the heart. The quote seems to suggest that you can bypass the spine and go straight to the ecstasy! I'm wondering if the energy then needs to be cycled to the heart and then back to the head to set up a continuous echo of the experience i.e. Eternal bliss?

 Quoting: [link to thetaobums.com]

 Quoting: Azeratel Axo

I am not sure why people often talk of the 'spine' and Kundalini energy.

While the spine can be incorporated, one 'center' is much more involved.

While and when breathing it UP, it seems to rise up the esophagus.

Not the spine.

Like breathing.

It will settle in the heart, throat, or third eye depending on...

How far one chooses to pull?


 Quoting: Seer777

perfection is the only choice, who is game?

to achieve this the kundalini must 1st rise through each and every axis (there are over 1000) in the master diamond of the human energy field after having risen through all 10 master chakras with celestial (no, 10 about a meter above the crown) being the point of no return. from this point the process of perfection begins. the 2 serpent energies merge into 1 new omnienergy

the process is brutal to say the least
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