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There ARE Elites In Control. Here's One You Never Hear About. Part of The REAL Illuminati.

Anonymous Coward
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United States
04/27/2013 07:09 AM
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There ARE Elites In Control. Here's One You Never Hear About. Part of The REAL Illuminati.
...and they are called : Pilgrims Society

The club is secret. It might be one of those 'open-secrets', but it's secret nonetheless. If it wasn't, we would have read about it in the history books, we would know all the details of the meetings, and we would have membership lists in the public domain.

In New York, it was known as the Council on Foreign Relations and was a front for J.P. Morgan and Company in association with the very small American Round Table Group. The American organizers were dominated by the large number of Morgan "experts" including Lamont and Beer, who had gone to the Paris Peace Conference and there became close friends with the similar group of English "experts" which had been recruited by the Milner group. In fact, the original plans for the Royal Institute and the Council on Foreign Relations. In 1928, the Council on Foreign Relations was dominated by the associates of the Morgan bank. Closely allied with this Morgan influence were a small group of Wall Street lawyers whose chief figures were Elihu Root, John W. Davis, the Dulles Brothers, John J. McCloy...
...There does exist and has existed for a generation, an international Anglophile network which operates to some extent in the way the Radical Right believes the Communists act. In fact, this network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other groups, and frequently does so...

...It might be pointed out that the existence of this Wall Street Anglo-American axis is quite obvious once it is pointed out. It is reflected by the fact that such Wall Street luminaries such as John W. Davis, Lewis Douglas, [John] Whitney and Douglas Dillon were appointed to be American ambassadors in London."

Some examples of involvement of the Pilgrims over the last 100 years

1906 - Pilgrims are involved in the secret Algeciras Conference to settle a dispute among the British, Germans, and French about the division of Morocco.
1913 - The earlier mentioned establishment of the Federal Reserve and of course the 1910 Jekyll Island meeting that preceded it.
1917 - Some Pilgrims are said to have been financing the Communist revolution of 1917. Most is known about the partners of Kuhn, Loeb & Co.; Pilgrims Jacob Schiff, Paul Warburg and Otto Kahn.
1919 - Many Pilgrims played an important role in the Versailles peace conferences following WWI. In all the history books I've seen, only the discussions of the 'big three', Woodrow Wilson, Lloyd George and Georges Clemenceau, are emphasized. I'm still looking for all the names involved, but I've already seen quite a few Pilgrims and suspected Pilgrims. In any case, Robert Cecil, chairman of the Supreme Economic Council of the Versailles Peace Treaty was a member. In the same year, he was the chairman of the committee that established the Royal Institute of International Affairs.
1924 - After the German economy was completely taken apart and they couldn't pay their imposed debts anymore, the Reparations Commission Committee of Experts was set up. President Coolidge appointed Pilgrim Charles G. Dawes as chairman. The committee comes up with the so called 'Dawes-plan'.
1927 - It is said that Pilgrim Benjamin Strong (head FED) and Pilgrim Montagu Norman (head Bank of England) had at least one secret meeting in July of this year with their friend Hjalmar Schacht of the German Reichsbank.
1930 - The Young plan, which is named after committee chairman and Pilgrim Owen D. Young, is introduced as a follow up of the Pilgrims concocted Dawes plan, because Germany still can't pay their debts. Hjalmar Schacht doesn't agree with the reparations and quits as the head of the German Reichsbank. The same year Schacht becomes a Fascist, starts bringing all the German industrialists together and becomes the most crucial person for bringing Hitler to power in 1933.
1933 and on - J.P. Morgan and Rockefeller associates are financing Nazi germany. Pilgrims Watson and Watson Jr. of IBM are involved. Pilgrims Douglas Dillon Sr. and Jr. are involved. Pilgrim Averell Harriman is involved. Ford was involved, and looking at the prominent presence of the Ford Foundation in the Pilgrims Society, he probably was a member too.
1934 - Because general Smedley Butler exposes the planned coup, FDR is not overthrown and replaced by a fascist government. The persons financing various fascist elements turn out to be the Pilgrims Morgan Jr., the du Ponts, Louis S. Cates through Phelps-Dodge company, and undoubtedly many other, but unconfirmed, Pilgrims. As for Phelps-Dodge, the Rockefellers had married into that fortune in 1907 through a marriage between Geraldine Rockefeller, daughter of William Rockefeller, and Marcellus Hartley Dodge.
1945 - Nazis, Knights of Malta (SMOM), and elements in the OSS create the so called 'Vatican rat lines', through which thousands of Nazis are smuggled into Spain, South-Africa, and South-America. Pilgrim and SMOM member Allen Dulles played a large role in this project. He also plays a crucial role in releasing and recruiting Nazi intelligence chief Reinhard Gehlen (Le Cercle) so this person can establish the Gehlen Organization. This Gehlen Org becomes the eyes and ears of the CIA in eastern Europe. Reinhard recruits many serious nazis in his organization.
1946 - Pilgrim Francis Beverly Biddle was one of the four primary judges at the Nuremberg trials representing the United States. I'll bet the British judge (and president) of the trials was a member of the British Pilgrims.
1947 - Pilgrims Society member, five-star general and U.S. Secretary of State George C. Marshall introduces his European Recovery Program (ERP).
around 1948 - Pilgrim John J. McCloy oversees the release of Fritz Thyssen, Hjalmar Schacht, Friedrich Flick and Alfred Krupp. They are the main industrialists who built up the Nazi war machine and are close associates of different Pilgrims Society members.
1949 - Pilgrims member and ambassador Lewis Williams Douglas had a daughter, Sharman Douglas, who, according to a very sure ITV (competitor of the BBC), had a 2-year lesbian affair with Queen Elizabeth II's younger sister, Princess Margaret Windsor. Sharman also married Andrew Hay of the Pilgrims. (Normally I wouldn't dive into tabloid topics, but this is just too funny to pass over)
1951 - General Douglas MacArthur, who has just driven back the North-Koreans, is removed from his command when he doesn't accept the decision from the US government to not attack the Chinese forces. Pilgrims Harry Truman, Dean Acheson and George C. Marshall are his main adversaries on this issue. MacArthur is replaced by Pilgrim Matthew B. Ridgway. Senator McCarthy attacks Truman, Acheson and Marshall for being in the communist camp.
1954 - Some of the earliest invites to the Bilderberg conference are Pilgrims Society members; David Rockefeller, George Ball, and Henry Heinz.
1961 - Howard Hughes, owner of Trans World Airlines, is charging Pilgrim Charles C. Tillinghast, Jr., the president of his company, with conspiring with others to take over the ownership the company.
1963 - Pilgrims John J. McCloy and Allen Dulles are members of the Warren Commission. Gerald Ford, a future honorary Pilgrim, is a third member.
1965-1973 - During the Vietnam war, Pilgrim Henry Kissinger is the chief US negotiator for the communist regimes. At the same time, Kissinger and many of his Pilgrims Society buddies were investing massive amounts of capital into the Soviet Union, even though this country continued to supply about 50% of North-Vietnams military arms. Of course, these were allowed to enter North-Vietnam almost unobstructed, because the US government was afraid for an escalation of the conflict if Haiphong harbor was closed off and bombed into oblivion. Pilgrims Society members controlled at least some of the institutions that had to check the goods that were imported into the USSR.
1973 - Pilgrim Edward W. Simon was chairman of the President's Oil Policy Committee from February to December of 1973 (oil crisis started in October in the midst of the Yom Kippur war). He also was an administrator of the Federal Energy Office since December 1973 and was charged with the responsibility of minimizing the effects of the energy crisis and preventing future crises (decided the oil prices and the distribution). Together with Pilgrim Henry Kissinger he was the most important speaker of the 1974 International Energy Conference. In 1973, Henry Kissinger first informed the Pilgrims about the creation of an "International Energy group", which became the International Energy Agency.
1975 - Pilgrim Nelson Rockefeller heads the U.S. President's Commission on CIA Activities Within the United States. It was created in response to a December 1974 report in The New York Times that the CIA had conducted illegal domestic activities, including experiments on U.S. citizens, during the 1960s. The commission was, among other things, responsible for the investigation and publication of Project MKULTRA, a CIA mind control study.
1977 - Pilgrims Society member Edmund de Rothschild attends the 1st World Wilderness Conference. At the 4th conference Maurice Strong will inform everyone that Edmund was the founder of the environmental movement and climate debates everyone has become so accustomed to.
1992 - Pilgrim Lord Bingham of Cornhill heads an inquiry into the Bank of England to find out their responsibility in the BCCI drug laundering scandal. Turns out the Bank of England was just a bit lazy, but didn't do anything on purpose. The persons that owned the BCCI were 1001 Club member like Agha Hasan Abedi and Salem Bin Laden. Kalid bin Mahfouz was another one. Lord Bingham became a member of the very elite Order of Garter in 2005. Some other persons involved with the BCCI scandal were members of the secret international intelligence group Le Cercle.
2001 - Henry Kissinger, who was picked as the first chairman of the 9/11 Commission, was a Pilgrim, not to mention one of the pioneers of psychological warfare in the aftermath of WWII; all in all, a great asset to have on a truth commission. The old vice-chairman of the 9/11 Commission, George John Mitchell, became a director of the CFR in 1995, so chances are very substantial he's a Pilgrim too. The new chairman, Thomas H. Kean, is from a very prominent New Jersey family and has been a chairman of the Carnegie Foundation, so don't be surprised if it turns out that he also attends Pilgrims dinners (or 1001 Club meetings in his case).
2002 - In December of this year, Pilgrims Society member Lord Guthrie, former chief of the Defense Staff and out of office by then, is send to Turkey to discuss a possible invasion of Iraq via Turkey. He becomes an apologist for the Bush and Blair administrations, and warns the public for biological and nuclear attacks by terrorists. According to him, Syria is one of the largest supporters of terrorism. But who else is Lord Guthrie? He's a member of the Knights of Malta, a patron of the Cardinal Hume centre, a director of N.M. Rothschild & Sons, and represents the latter to the Trilateral Commission since 2002. In the past, Guthrie has been appointed Gold Stick to the Queen and Freeman of the City of London. He was also appointed Aide-de-Camp General to the Queen in 1993.
2004 - Pilgrims Society member Lord Peter Inge is part of a five-member panel that looks into the gathered intelligence that was used to justify an invasion in Iraq the year before. All 5 are Privy Councillors and just as the panel's chairman, Lord Inge is a knight of the Order of the Garter
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 37535497
United States
04/27/2013 09:57 AM
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Re: There ARE Elites In Control. Here's One You Never Hear About. Part of The REAL Illuminati.
Nothing? Hmmm.interesting.
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