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Message Subject Forbidden Masonic Word?
Poster Handle VarianceX77
Post Content
I can only remember a very small part of the dream but what I do remember is that I wasn't supposed to say the word. As if it was forbidden to be spoken by non-members.
Probably means nothing just weird that it was what I woke up remembering as I don't have an interest in them other than what I may read on here.
I shall have a look for ancient words as well.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 38668218

Masons are generally lenient and give lots of grace to non members.

Unless you have the power/motive to ruin the upper echelon that controls masonry, odds are they aren't going to try to kill you.

I've been poisoned and gang stalked and I'm not lying when I say they want me dead.

Some people exist just to keep other people trapped in this construct, I guess.

Like Jesus says, "You don't enter into knowledge yourself and you prevent others from entering"

No shame, right.. someone has to lock people in torture chambers because they view it as justice.

Do unto others, brothers. Because it WILL be done unto you unless God is graceful. It's being done unto me :C
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