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Message Subject "It will be as in the days of Noah"
Poster Handle MadMatt
Post Content
Now is the time for healing. Raise from the dead those friendships that have died, heal the blind so that they can see what's going on, heal the lame so that they can walk in righteousness. The veil will be lifted. God will come to see the creations his angels (or demons) have created. Lucifer needs an army and will come for you. Jesus doesn't need an army, he's got his Dad backing him. He would love for you to follow Him and come along though. He has shown us the Way.
The tares will be harvested with lucifer to a rather warm locale first. The wheat will be gathered after. With lucifer you get to eat the flesh of dead bodies. With Jesus you get a wedding feast. Both are invitation only. RSVP soon.
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