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Message Subject "It will be as in the days of Noah"
Poster Handle Ryan James
Post Content

They were given 120 years notice and did not repent. No one believed it would happen and were too happy with their lives to be bothered with their souls. The Noahide laws were passes in 1991. They just need martial law to be enacted. Death by guillotine was passed in Georgia as well. Not that it will make you feel better, but now you have been warned.
 Quoting: MadMatt

So, tell me. At what age must one be to have to repent? 10? 7? 5? 3? Surely there were small children back then. And they were evil, too? They drowned along with their "wicked" parents? They were guilty too? Sorry, I can't imagine a 2 year old being held accountable for wrong doing. But what's even more ridiculous is that an omniscient God would go ahead and create, knowing this would happen. Please, make me understand how this makes sense to you.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11583924

God knows our hearts, even the hearts of children.

I remember when I was on kindergarten some 30 years ago, that some kids just had a darkness in them. I could see it in them then. That everyone is always innocent and good inside is just sappy, frightened mother talk. God punishes children for their parents behavior, because he knows when they will grow up to be just like their parents, emulating the evil that they did.

Keep in mind also that God was cleansing the Nephilim from earth, even the newborn Nephilim. Their bloodline on the earth was an abomination and we should all be glad they are gone.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3570662

I second to this^^^
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 38972656

I understand. My mum tells a similar story. She was out the front in our yard and there was boy in the neighbours yard. A dog we had (we where looking after it) started going ferocious at this kid through the fence. My mum says she could see evil in the kid and as it turns out he was carrying a knife or something like that.
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