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Message Subject What the "Immortality Serum" card in the Illuminati card game really means??
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
my mother and our cousin, and I, all have had this dream where our community was all being put into the gymnasium we have here and there are these scientist looking guys, soldiers, and some religious looking people.
But my mother dreamed that everyone was really hungry and that the scientist looking people were giving people this stuff, like a serum or something. My mother didn't want to take it but someone said that she should take it they are trying to help us. But She ran off.

Something like the mark of the beast maybe?

maybe it is DNA altering, do a google search of crystal elixers and DNA. Maybe they figured something out. I made a few elixers once with the different stones I have. they do work. Turquoise elixer feels real interesting. sprayed it all around my house an property an then the sun hit it later and felt super peaceful and safe.
 Quoting: MagnetoFunk

Those who take THE MARK can live for thousands of years?

Is this the "deal"?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39012346

all will live for the upcoming thousand years, just not in their flesh bodies

the good, the bad, and the terminally ugly

and they will be "taught" both truth and discipline therein
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