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Message Subject zakk thread about masonic face touching - top secret cults and satanic cult denial
Poster Handle Zakk
Post Content
yep another zakk classic

cult attacks me, and gets mad it exposes itself then has to say me and my story is fake to cover it up to the point of stupidity and death.

cuz its the police, fbi, secret service and the cia.

watch,I was right and legal and not in a cult and had nothing to do with anything the whole time and they knew it .. thats why.. the penelty for this is death.. watch, the masonic cult started killing people in about 2003 to cover up what I was saying... thats 10 years of .. do it and deny it and say its not real everyday , for over 10 years... and thats what hte cartoons, and aliens do... lie and deny and repeat ... over and over and over...

this is also why no one likes the masons, they are sick ...and still lost and still lied and really thought they were going to stand there and do both and say nothing is going on.

I got 10 years of sczhed responses to prove it...
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