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Message Subject zakk thread about masonic face touching - top secret cults and satanic cult denial
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Just join them
Or STFU!!! So sick of ur irritating voice and repetiive rants....
Even if true no one can get past the irritation of watching the messenger..
Screaming at us ... Repeating urself over and over

If u werent a nut job before theyre certainly succeeding now....
It doesnt matter either way cuz u behave like a fn lunatic
Even when ur away from them

Go join a meditation thing... Find some inner peace ... Thats how u beat them... Not this egomanical trip...

All u do is waste ur energy life force and time
Bitching.... Its Useless... And boring
To them and anyone still sane ...
May as well be yelling all these vids into a mirror instead

U sound like a wasted life ... In stereo
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