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Message Subject The Illuminati is not as bad as you think.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Is either the Illuminati are the most evil Society on this planet, or they are being setup to look like the bad guys. don't get me wrong I came across there Manifesto and from what I read it's a whole different story about this world and the people behind it, and at the same time this manifesto is extremely embarrassing to the small man and you got to have a strong mind to read this manifesto. Yet still as embarrassing as it is one have no other option than to accept it and move on in a totally different direction in life. "WARNING" If by chance you is some kind of Religious person like a Christian or Muslim then I beg of you not to read this manifesto.

The is part of the manifesto Introduction

In light of our success and with the growing number of worthless books written about us and our Freemason friends, we have decided that the time is ripe for us to emerge to the forefront, at least in part, and in doing so we need to set the record straight once and for all.

First, a little brief insight into the origins of the Illuminati Order. This is not intended to be a concise history of the Order of The Illuminati but merely a snapshot of the truth of things with regards to important events in the history of our secret society.

Pharaoh Sesostri the First had a son named Lidus, who learned the ways of architecture and built many fabulous structures. He became very famous and many of the wealthy had paid him large fortunes to teach their sons the arts of Geometry and of architecture, how to build fabulous temples and homes for the wealthy.

Lidius became very rich and famous and his school became renowned worldwide. Lidius had a love for exotic animals and birds and he used his wealth to establish for himself a little private zoo where he would spend much of his time, playing with various animals. It was during this time that he discovered he could transmit his thoughts and feelings to some of the animals, especially tigers, cattle, horses and many others.

Go and download this book now,you might have to signup for a free account to get it. >> [link to kinganu.com]
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