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Message Subject 33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True, What Every Person Should Know…
Poster Handle danes1
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Conspiracy theories have been given a bad name as of late.Most people who engage in alternative theories are level headed people who are merely looking into the details of an event with a increased scrutiny because what they`ve been told by the powers that be often times just don`t add up.Today more than ever a private citizen,especially one with computer skills, can find invaluable data regarding cases deemed suspicious by the public.The left demonizes the people looking into suspicious govt. activities,often associating the vast majority of conspiracy theorists with fringe elements of the group described as tin foil hat wearing,bunker building,paranoid hillbillies running around loose,when in fact many are very intelligent people who are simply too smart to take some of the ridiculous explanations given by authorities.I find it funny and extremely hypocritical TO see butter face bull dyke Rachel Maddow and turd burglar Anderson Pooper degrade and talk down to "conspiracy theorists" in the most condescending voices they can muster,basically calling them all nutcases for doubting the official story line and daring to take a look for themselves. What`s the difference between that and they`re chosen profession?Isn`t that what reporters are supposed to do? By definition yes but these ass clowns aren`t reporters they`re mouth pieces for the govt. propaganda machine and they snuff anything that contradicts there politics,and that includes facts dug up by civilian reporters. I`ve said it before the libtards can`t beat you in a factual exchange so they go to there bread and butter-character assassination.
There are some stupid conspiracy theories out there but these are easily apparent.A good majority on the other hand are proven to be true.
Here`s a list of 33 conspiracy theories that turned out to be true-
[link to pragmaticwitness.com]
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