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Subject Parents now bringing in drug dogs to search their kid's room
Poster Handle Astral Goat
Post Content
[link to kdvr.com]

Parents can hire drug-sniffing dog to see if their kids have drugs

DENVER A special tool with four-legs and a talented nose typically used by police to take down suspects and find narcotics every day, is now available for parents to hire.

When Storm the drug dog enters a home, Haines guides him around, using the command find the dope. 1rof1 Once Storm sniffs out a narcotic, he simply sits down, looks at his trainer, and waits for a treat

I had just noticed some changes in my teenaged sons behavior and moods, said the client, who did not want to be identified.

At first of course, (my son) was just irritated and angry with us, but now hes adjusting well to it, said the client. Hes got a better attitude, his grades are improving, so obviously, things are looking up for him.

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