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Message Subject Alien Abduction Maybe? I dont wanna believe
Poster Handle sailormon
Post Content
I know you are looking for answers the same as my wife and I. I can onlly share a little. We often know when something haplpens, but not always are the scars.

Last year, I was taken in what I thought was another out of body which I knew was happening. My wife brought me back and I told her it was necessary that I go back out as there was some sort of very uncomfortable and major adjustment being made. At then end of that event I woke up with three burn marks on my forearm in a perfect triangle. It was a few days before I reconnected with the now in which we live.

This last fall, my wife told me she was visited and was put through pain the night before and had one of those burn marks on her nose. I told her it woud fade in about a week, it did. LIke I said, I don't have answers, but your experience is shared. We have had much more, but the scene is similar. I do have a picture of her burn, but chose not to show her face on this site.
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