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Message Subject Alien Abduction Maybe? I dont wanna believe
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Maybe psychosomatic? I think there's a better word for that kind of thing but can't think of it right now.

If the dream was realistic enough or you were reliving something past lifish maybe your body produced the mark to match what was happening in your head or happened to you in a past life.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32062218

When a person is hypnotized to believe their hand is on fire, blisters will literally come up on that hand, even if it's cold.

OP I believe you and have been taken for years. I often have tiny bruises on my upper arms from the froglike aliens 3 fingers and 1 thumb holding my arms. What cliched it for me is that you dreamed you were peeing in a dirty bathroom. For some crazy insane reason I often have dreams of being in a public bathroom along with the "visits" and the only thing I can think is that either they need urine specimens from us for lab testing??? or they don't urinate and defecate like we do so they set up this elaborate dreamlike sequence so they can study us???

They probably will come again but they have never hurt me and in fact have taught me spiritually and strengthened my sense of compassion and life purpose.

I do believe in Jesus and disregard those who claim demons because these visits have greatly enriched my life in a positive way.

A good person to look into is Dolores Cannon, who has done a lot of hypnotic regressions and also sees these events as positive, and helpful for our Mother Earth. You can find her on YouTube or here:

[link to miraclesandinspiration.com]
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