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Message Subject Alien Abduction Maybe? I dont wanna believe
Poster Handle Jovian
Post Content
Thanks for sharing, OP. I believe hundreds of thousands, if not millions, have been abducted or tampered with, in some way or another...some certainly more profoundly.

The one weird "dream" I had was many years ago, at a time when I was somewhat interested in the "Greys." ...I think that focusing on them kind of gives them an excuse to think it is an invitation, a justification for the intrusion.

I awoke with giant red hive-like welts/splotches all over my body, one largely covering my neck. I never have had any such reaction in my life, caused by anything physical or emotional/anxiety or anything. I also felt physically exhausted. I immediately recalled a "dream" of laying in a supine position, with several vague humanoid but definitely non-human beings on either side of me. I felt I had been trying to fend off whatever they were trying to do to me. I couldn't recall much more detail.

It sounds very textbook, but that was it. I think the hives were a reaction to some high degree of anxiety I felt in response to this "dream."

Was it perhaps me remembering a past abduction? Who knows.

...I think the "Greys" who perform more of the untoward, scary abductions also manipulate by taking advantage of our ego's need to feel "special," or "chosen." ...When you stop thinking they are paying attention to you because you are unique or something; when you realize you aren't special and they are actually manipulating you and doing the same to millions of other dupes out there, ...then the connection might stop.

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