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Message Subject Alien Abduction Maybe? I dont wanna believe
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Yes these spots I have get itchy. Thats how its been for years though. Seems like my sister and brother and nephew all have the same thing, so thats nothing out of the ordinary. Something weird did come up about two weeks ago before this strange alien dream and happening. I had this little circle spot on the left lower abdomin, basically my underwear strap/line area. This was before all this happened though, but i still dont know what that was. It is a circle and red, and in fact was itchy and when I scratched it, I irritated it and it got real red, but when doing so, it felt as if the skin was raised with somthing under it. Not saying this is anything to do with my case, but weird.
 Quoting: alienabduction 39069925

Pic of it
 Quoting: TheWorldsEnemy

Here is the pic. Thats my lower abdomin, sorry kinda hairy belly,lol... [link to tinypic.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39069925

100% sure that is a marking of them, I bet it is an implant
 Quoting: TheWorldsEnemy

The only thing is, i had this weeks before my possible abduction/dream. I dont remember anything happening with that spot, but this recent thing from two days ago was so real!
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