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Message Subject Alien Abduction Maybe? I dont wanna believe
Poster Handle alienabduction
Post Content
I have an implant on my left calf area. It stays red as hell and when you look at it under a magnifying glass you can that the deepest point looks like a four pointed star. It must be a 1/2 " deep and is imbedded so that nothing will ever disturb it. (my guess only) Every time I go through a TSA scanner I set it off, they tell me to back up and go through again, and have always let me go through anyway. However, in March this year, a very large redneck agent with a beer belly quizzed me "Whatcha got there metal beneath your knee" and made me lift my pants leg so that he could see for himself that there was nothing VISIBLE. I have no explanation, other than something paranormal
 Quoting: erzulie

WOW! That's nuts! I dont believe I have one, but I have experienced some strange things, which is why this thread was started. I think I would be way more scared to know I have some type of implant, just because that means they can come back again for whatever reason they put that in you. A bit scary to me..
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