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president obama...an old irish saying

User ID: 36461365
United States
04/29/2013 09:59 PM
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president obama...an old irish saying
any president will bring bias to his office....relevence is encompassed by the old irish saying "may you live in intersesting times" and we certainly are....you could even argue that all the chips are on the table...that said this, president, like any other, must set aside bias and do the right thing and i feel that he is by rhetorically putting his arm around putin and calling him vladimir...the russian pacific oil is and will knock out this beastly heavyweight called oil price manipulation if we look at the fruit that it is bearing in conjunction with the nature of basic economics(all it takes is one to break up a cartel)....any president or person has to see this and marshall up and fight the good fight..it is happening as their is clearly a rumbling in the east as evidenced by the president going straight into the mouth of the lion with his thoughts on texas and boston, 2 very different places unified by flawed mindsets...to the good people of texas and new england i say remember that you once created power the old fashioned way, you earned it(see the stamp tax and tea tax revolt and the rebellious 7th sister texaco)