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Subject one should consciously try to minimize/eliminate knee jerk reactions based off of emotional biases
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admittedly it is very difficult to quell this impulse especially when the issue is particularly personal.

but one does not want to paint oneself into an intellectual corner and thus blind oneself to other facets of an equation that could be imperative to achieving proper understanding.

before committing to a position out of emotional or cognitive bias, get into the practicing of reminding oneself to examine the totality of the issue at hand. remember to examine the perceived benefits and downsides of any issue from an objective standpoint first, and then make your personal value judgement.

not everything is black and white, indeed it's mostly grey... better to comprehend the complexities of moral and ethical grey areas so as to not drag oneself into any rash polarities of disposition, which leads to a host of sociological problems.

this is the method to more accurately determine the bare reality of any situation, being more innately informed through the application of a purely logical system even if one is not privy to the specifics, and generally leading one to a more successful course of action.
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