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Methods for the treatment of Morgellons Disease (Patent application)

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User ID: 17348671
United Kingdom
04/30/2013 11:45 AM
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Methods for the treatment of Morgellons Disease (Patent application)
The present invention provides methods and compositions for disease treatment, especially for treatment of Morgellons. It has been discovered that compositions containing cellulase are effective in relieving, reducing, inhibiting or ameliorating symptoms associated with skin and nail conditions. In preferred embodiments, the condition is Morgellons. The compositions of the invention may be administered topically and/or systemically. Systemic administration of the compositions of the invention may also be accomplished through transdermal administration.

In accordance with one aspect of the invention, a topical or dermatological composition for treatment of Morgellons is provided. In some embodiments, the topical composition consists essentially of a treatment-effective amount of cellulase and a dermatologically acceptable carrier. The compositions described herein provide an effective treatment for Morgellons upon topical application to skin in need thereof.

The compositions described herein are contemplated to include up to about 75% cellulase, up to about 50% cellulase, up to about 25% cellulase, up to about 10% cellulase, or up to about 5% cellulase. In some embodiments, the compositions include about 1%, about 2%, about 3%, about 4%, about 5%, about 6%, about 7%, about 8%, about 9%, about 10%, about 11%, about 12%, about 13%, about 14%, about 15%, about 16%, about 17%, about 18%, about 19%, about 20%, about 21%, about 22%, about 23%, about 24%, about 25%, about 26%, about 27%, about 28%, about 29% or about 30% cellulase. In preferred embodiments, the compositions include about 3% to about 10% cellulase. In further preferred embodiments, the compositions include about 4% to about 7% cellulase.

In accordance with another aspect of the invention, a method for treating Morgellons in a patient is provided. The method includes topically applying a dermatological composition containing an effective amount of cellulase to the patient. In some embodiments, the dermatological composition further includes an additive including, but not limited to, a preservative, an antioxidant, a fragrance, a skin penetration enhancer, a colorant, a sunscreen, or combinations thereof.

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