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Subject Best Alien Abduction Cases?
Poster Handle Negan
Post Content
Last night I was watching a show called Monsters and Mysteries. I just learned about it last week. It's kind of corny but I like some of the stories. Last night they had an alien abductee. He said they have been taking him since a young boy, he was in his 50's now, and they were still taking him.

In 1988 he and his gf were expecting a baby. They were abducted together and they said the aliens took her baby.

She went to the doc the next morning and they said there was no fetus in her. The doc said just 2 days earlier she was there and he heard the babies heartbeat, and everything was ok. Then all of a sudden it's gone...

I know there are logical explinations for this, but its strange non the less.

What are some good abductee cases? What are the best you have heard of, that come with proof, or multiple witnesses.

The other one I like is the one with the Travis guy from the movie Fire in the sky.

Share some god abductee stories, and what you think they want, what their intentions are?
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