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Message Subject Best Alien Abduction Cases?
Poster Handle Negan
Post Content

I would be interested in hearing...I hope they post, or they could message me.
 Quoting: Negan

perhaps they read this and will.

it was very interesting and nothing like the typical abduction stories you hear about. mostly just contact, not actually being physically carted away. kind of hard to explain.
 Quoting: Oyster

Actually, I have another alien thread, and I think I might have heard one or two of the stories you are talking about.
 Quoting: Negan

it's a subject I find to be very fascinating. I don't have any experience of my own and I don't know that I want to because some of it sounds quite scary.

but if (and it is a big if) we are being visited then I think it is very likely that abductions are taking place.
 Quoting: Oyster

I agree 100% with all you just said. I feel the same way.
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