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Message Subject Pharoah "King Tut" and Neffertiti were FIRST Recorded Alien-Abduction Case? NEW PROOF!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Ancient Native American 3 ORB TRINITY SYMBOL... It is tied to the 'LEG OF THE BULL'... An old symbol for Pleiades... It speaks about the same star map found all over the world... 3 suns in Taurus near Pleiades... with Orion as pointer ...

This is ONE of the most sacred Native symbols...The word 'DIVINE' traces back to a trinity of 3 SOLAR BODIES and TAURUS the bull connection... This is the same star map...It is the AUM symbol...

Ancient records are clear that the humans from the sky originated from 3 sun stars...a sacred trio near the 7 stars of Pleiades...The message of this sacred trinity was incorporated into the very essence of religions.

The bull aspect shows the upper section of this Triratna symbol which is the horn of the cow but also two crescents merged into it where the two crescents stand for two worlds... with two small dots in them... reference to 2 suns with their planets in crescent...

Finally a radiating solar orb placed below completes the trio and it also hides the face of the bull itself with two tiny notches at both sides... the distinctive ears of the animal...

The very sacred AUM symbol... the glyph for the divine... Was inspired by the ancient Triratna... the 3 suns within Taurus? The symbol even hints at this... it has a tiny crescent with star attached to it...

We can say that our Native American ancestors were visited by 'Other Worldly' Beings! And they were taught sacred knowledge of the stars and where WE come from!!
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