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Message Subject Pharoah "King Tut" and Neffertiti were FIRST Recorded Alien-Abduction Case? NEW PROOF!
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The beautiful "Story of Manataka" contains a great deal of fact and some speculation mixed with a healthy dose of mystery. One of the most extraordinary mysteries of the account told by this writer, is about the "Crystal Cave"
"...It is said by the grandfathers that seven holy caves were on the sacred mountain. The center cave is made of magnificent shining crystal encoded with messages of the star people. Inside the crystal cave are seven crystal cones set on a crystal altar and each containing secret messages and seven shields.

Ancient tribes came to Manataka on pilgrimages to place ceremonial items in five of the caves. The people of the south laid gifts in the southern-most cave and people of the north laid their gifts in the northern-most cave. People from the west and east performed offering ceremonies in two additional caves. The cave located to the left of the crystal cave was used by the 'Keepers of Manataka', the Tula Indians of Tanico, who lived in surrounding areas and for other tribes living nearby such as the Caddo, Quapaw, Osage, Tunica, and Pawnee.

To the right of the center crystal cave was a ceremonial cave reserved for gifts of the other people of this land - the animals, birds, fish, insects, plants, stones and the elements. No one ever approached the most sacred crystal cave, as it was said to have been the work place of the star people (angels?) and resting place of many spirits.
The southern-most cave, nearest the surface of the ground, once held the Manataka Stone, or as referred to by the National Park Service as the " Calendar Stone" brought by people from the south.

Workmen digging on the mountain to capture the sacred waters of Nowasalon for the ornate bathhouses of the rich removed the Calendar Stone after the Civil War. An ancient clay doll was recovered from the northern cave some time in the early 1900's by workmen and is currently on loan to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington. Each of the seven caves disappeared at various times after the invasion began in the 1500's, either at the hand of the invaders or by natural or supernatural causes..."

The legend of the Egyptian 'Hall of Records' says a powerful 'consciousness expanding' treasure lies buried far beneath the Sphinx and Great Pyramid. According to William Henry, "...evidence that something is there comes from the mysterious Coffin Texts where the ancient Egyptians told of a 'sealed thing' with 'fire about it' concealed beneath the 'desert of sand..."


The Great Pyramid is also known as the Pillar of Enoch.
Henry asks if it is possible that the 'radiant fire' of the sealed cave under the pyramid refers to the crystal. "...After all, the Giza Hall is thought to have been constructed by ancient god beings who were expert in the use of Quartz crystal..
An Egyptian king offers a conical-shaped object called 'white bread' to Anubis, the "Opener of the ways," lying on the chest as 'the Keeper of the Secret'.3
Is this the same as the crystal cone the Tibetans claimed provided access to universal wisdom and to the basic life-giving energies of the universe? Is it the same conical shaped crystal described in the Story of Manataka?

[link to www.manataka.org] - by Lee Standing Bear Moore
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