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Message Subject Pharoah "King Tut" and Neffertiti were FIRST Recorded Alien-Abduction Case? NEW PROOF!
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The mound builders star obsession of the American Indian tribes of Cahokia in St. Louis and to this day is still trying to decipher the layout of what is left of their pyramid cities. The mound cities are widespread and have encoded in them a lot more than meets the eye at first glance. In Wisconsin many of these mounds are in the form of gigantic animals.
The builders celebrated the long extinct mastodon a type of elephant more like a Mammoth. It is 135 feet long and located a few miles below the mouth of the Wisconsin River In Ohio a serpent 1000 feet long with its open jaws about to swallow a figure shaped like an egg which Wayne believes is representation of the beginnings of humanity, in this case a sperm, the male human seed. There are even mounds in geometric patterns of the square, the circle, the octagon, and the rhombus.
The image below is of a carving made on a large tree on the banks of the Muskingum River, in Delaware Ohio. It was recorded with charcoal and bear's oil onto a piece of leather by one of the Muskingum tribe, under the historical chief Wingemund at the time of a great battle with the invasion of the colonists set on taking their land. Over generations its meaning has been confused with the military history of the time and is thought by one of their descendants who have referenced it on the internet incorrectly as a military map.


It showed Orion like the Inca golden star map in Cuzco as a criss-cross but with three in a row stars of Orion’s belt aligning through to Aldebaran (shaded yellow) and to the Pleiades (shaded light blue). But in true fashion like the Inca and African star maps… they drew a line of cosmic travel of the ancestors… to a star with four points. The angle of the point of travel is the same angle 'x' degrees to the star Wayne has identified as the nearby sun-like star that is currently being studied.

And just like the Inca and Africa star maps, the mound of Earth on the bottom shaded red and the Milky Way shaded blue. The Sun (yellow with the face) passes the Milky Way close to the alignment of the Pleiades to the ancestor star (yellow four pointed star). It is important not to confuse the Sun and Sun-like star here. Compare this particular star map to the Chokwe of Africa, the Inca golden star map and the Pawnee star map.


[link to thehiddenrecords.com]
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