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Message Subject Pharoah "King Tut" and Neffertiti were FIRST Recorded Alien-Abduction Case? NEW PROOF!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
TAKE A LOOK at this artifact with your starmap (above)
Is it possible that the 13-bricks that follow
a down-ward pointing triangle (a Sacred Shape in
Egyptian symbology) represent the 13-STATIONS-OF-
RETURN to the "home star/planet?" There is a line
that runs from one side of the pyramid to the
top--indicating that there are "wormholes" between
point A and pointB! The line is something that you
would NOT necessarily notice if you weren't looking
for it...but if it indicates a wormhole/portal-- it
may be the most remarkable aspect of the artifact
...(this is remarkable because it is carved
out out what appears to be Labradorite--only mined
in Madagaskar (SW of the continent of Africa)
Beautiful find Settles4It! Good contribution!

The correct position in holding this artifact
(showing the 13-stations-between Earth and the
"Home planet" beyond Pleades) is with the base
up. The view of the artifact in this way takes
on the appearance of 'The Yellowbrick Road'
famous in the Wizard of OZ and is an Illuminati
favorite symbol! The star configuration is
carved on the bottom of the artifact w/the words
"The son of Man from this place came" Wow!
 Quoting: SilentlyKnowing

I think I have several maps that show where the Worm holes are...I will try to find them...
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