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Meteorite in Santa Maria de Oro (Nayarit), Mexico on April 25th, 2013

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05/01/2013 12:09 AM
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Meteorite in Santa Maria de Oro (Nayarit), Mexico on April 25th, 2013
Apparently this one went undetected but for some local reports......

Meteorite in Nayarit: 'ball' of light across the sky, threw sparks and thundered, say witnesses

Witnesses report having seen a large ball of fire fall ...

At 8:00 pm on Thursday April 25 April recorded the impact of a "fireball" in the cane fields located between the towns of Ahualamo and side tables in the municipality of Santa Maria del Oro in Nayarit.

As reported by one of the two witnesses, Gabriel Mondragon, he was writing a text message during a game of volleyball when suddenly saw a sizable red light go through the pines. According to this account, was "dropping like sparks and then quenched." Minutes later, she felt an earthquake but no one dared to look up the object despite the uncertainty that had been awakened in the viewers.

According to Gabriel reporting, this object was a red light "seemed to be going disrupting and died". After that it will go out no one dared to go investigate "because it's scary." Likewise, he also reports that a few minutes after the object is extinguished "felt a vibration and heard as if something thundered".

While Gabriel group members decided to play and pretend nothing had happened "many people started out by saying yes, he felt that strong" ... as he says. Another witness, Eduardo name only, reports that he did not see what happened. According to Eduardo says, he was in Chapalilla when it happened. Not caught a glimpse of any light, but felt the tremor caused by the impact and heard that "something snapped".


[link to www.nayaritenlinea.mx]

[link to www.nayaritenlinea.mx]

[link to lunarmeteoritehunters.blogspot.it]
Anonymous Coward
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United Kingdom
05/01/2013 03:31 AM
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Re: Meteorite in Santa Maria de Oro (Nayarit), Mexico on April 25th, 2013
There are big ones nearly every day now.
The graph for their showings will probably look like the graph for magnitude 6 earthquakes and above for the last few years, but just for months with the case of these meteorites.