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Message Subject What event turned you into a Conspiracy Theorist?
Poster Handle MichelleGrouchy
Post Content
The dream of space was suppressed because of fear.

The _method_ of suppressing the dream was a meme
that first surfaced in my area in the late 70's early 80's
"Space!? We have enough problems here on Earth."

It was useful to the average six-pack or grocery-shopper when they found themselves in a conversation above their education level.

Also, once on the defensive, most space fanatics
were hard pressed to explain the safety issues,
how to effect a rescue, and how unpleasant life in zero G is.

I've been looking into this since the 70's
when I first became a conspiracy theorist
over the shuttle redesign in committee
where they divided it into two parts so it could be
in Florida AND Louisiana.

(the original was twice as big and all the fuel was in the wings, no external tank to shed a piece of ice and cause catastrophic loss of life later (but politicians know best don't they))

So I've been sniffing around for the hidden why of it all for many a year, and here is my theory.

The dream was suppressed because of fear.
In my opinion anyway.
I'm still nervous about speculating openly about this.
It has no context.
It's so far outside the normal perspective on society that it almost seems to lack motivation (to most who hear it.) I think the reason our owners fear the dream of space, is the same fear they have of faith movements.

They fear that A fundamentalist Cult goes to orbit, nukes the world, then returns to repopulate. Because this is what they would do if the roles were reversed.

This is the hidden fear that, I feel, motivates the suppression of the space dream. So much that it shouldn't even be possible for someone to conceive of such a thing.

AND THAT is the pop culture world we live in this day.

 Quoting: MichelleGrouchy

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