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Message Subject What event turned you into a Conspiracy Theorist?
Poster Handle MagTog
Post Content
old school one here, roswell alien crash.

so they found a flying saucer, and then the next day was a weather balloon.

ive seen shows where they went out to the crash site. they found some small articles (metals, pins, etc...) from where the army guys were out there combing through the desert for pieces of the craft.

Thats shit happened, aliens are real, way too much out there about them for them to be fake.

And plus its a statistcal certainty that they exist. There are too many planets and star sysytems out there for them not too.
 Quoting: secretninja

That's true. Given an infinite number of opportunities, the probability of something extremely improbable happening is 1 (given that thing did not have an original probability of 0).

I wish I was alive back then. So much information is lost if you're not allowed to view the blow-by-blow, but just get summaries from people...
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