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Message Subject What event turned you into a Conspiracy Theorist?
Poster Handle MagTog
Post Content
I work for a hlthcare plan, indirectly for Med icare. I began researching Ozombiecare and its hidden taxes, then came across the f-capms built in the US. I saw the videos of those buildings and the empty cof-fins and started talking to my friends about it. I was diligently searching for more truth at that point. They just said it was probably in case of war or illegal aliens. They said I was looking too much into it, wasting my time.

So I went to church, prayed about it, asked God if I should stop searching for these things because it WAS consuming a LOT of my time going site to site to site trying to put it all together. I let it all go and stopped searching that Sunday.

Monday I walked my dog and noticed a heli copt er. No big deal, not too rare for this area. Tuesday. Noticed again. It was circling. Wednesday. Circling for HOURS. I thought. OK, I'll just look up to see if there's training in the area. Came across a posting from GODlikeprod...FINALLY, ONE place with answers to all my questions. I feel like that was THE indication I should not stop searching for the truth.

I feel like we are put in this position of knowledge for a reason. If it is to wake up the sheeple, save our families, help others with our own preparedness or to form a defense against the opposing force, we have a purpose. An important purpose.

I don't consider myself a consp theorist at all. I'd say a researcher.
 Quoting: Listen_n

Thank you for posting! I had the same kind of struggle a long time ago. Especially with God.

The people portion though...man that was bad for a while. Everyone would mock me and dismiss me because I pay more attention than them and actually do the math with the details, and I just wanted other people to know the truth...which deserves a good mocking, right? Back then, I would for some reason assume the mockers were right - kinda. I knew I was right logically and factually, and that their attacks on me were simply their own desperate attempts to not have their little bubble of "reality" popped. My false assumption that I was wrong about certain events that I had actually studied thoroughly, was simply a visceral response to their mocking, not a logical one. It's programmed into people to shutup and go with the group - and if others tell you you're wrong, well...you'd better listen to them. When it hit the 24 billionth time that I was mocked and going to crawl back into my shell after letting others know the truth, I got rid of it permanently. I might have a flash of it for a second, but after that, I'm all horns coming out of the gate, and I WILL make you feel like a dunce if you come at me with an MSM brain. I'm backed by facts and logic. Bring it world.

Anyhow...I appreciate your post. Got the gears turning for me...reflecting.

One thing that I think Christians need to figure out quickly, is our response to future events. I've been looking at the Bible more, and I don't think I will fight anyone. I'm not sure that self-defense is condoned by Jesus. Still trying to figure things out...
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