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Message Subject What event turned you into a Conspiracy Theorist?
Poster Handle MagTog
Post Content
911 and only after 2006...until then I was COMPLETELY oblivious.

It is one reason why I think 911 really will turn out to be a great gift to mankind.

I really think they fucked up. I am Joe freakin average guy. And if I now know, millions of others do too.

I cried when the USA beat Russia in ice hockey in the Olympics. I remember watching the Space Shuttle Endeavor take off live from Cape Canaveral and seeing all the foreign people there and thinking how fucking proud I was to be an American.

I vote both ways: Voted for Clinton, voted for Bush the SECOND time mostly because I wanted to send the terrorists of the world a message.

I remember the day after 911 going to the hospital and telling my jewish colleagues that "today I am an Israeli." I was moments away from joining the Navy then.

I fucking cried with joy/rage/pride when Bush was with that fireman and said "pretty soon the people that brought down these buildings will be hearing from us."

I was mesmerized during Bush's State of the Union speech (You're either with us or against us ), with Tony Blair standing and applauding....

What a change!!!!!

I don't even bother any more with the people who don't see 911 as an inside job. I used to be angry, now I understand they are suffering from mental illness (cognitive dissonance).

But the science is irrefutable and it is out there now..."They" certainly seem like they are winning but I think their days are numbered....

Anyway it sure as hell woke me up
 Quoting: Bluepill

I knew on the day of 9/11 that it was a FF. Was already awake. But the spirit and passion you felt, I am very familiar with.

People KNOW that this stuff happens. Just like I KNEW and was even telling people that it was a FF just days after it happened...yet I still had pride in my country's government and leadership. Weird or what? People can choose to listen to what they know is the truth, or they can listen to what they would prefer to be the truth. Some people get away with lying to themselves about everything their whole lives. And me - I would willingly forget what I knew so I could feel better...especially because back then, no one would listen to me. (well, some people did, actually...)

The rest of your post...excellent. You're looking at it the same as me, I think. So, in my opinion, great analytical skills!

I don't think you're an average joe. A high IQ comes from intellectual appetite and excercise. I think that whatever mental capacity you thought was "average", was actually just a lack of appetite. Anyhow, no more bromance. Thanks for posting.
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