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Subject Denver International Airport is Shaped like ALIEN''s face
Poster Handle Elizastorm
Post Content
I am having, problems uploading my pictures, of the Denver International Airport. Although I am able to tell all of you, what I saw, after, I found all those strange circle patterns, surrounding the airport. When you go to google map, and punch in the Denver International Airport, I HOPE YOU ALL CAN SEE IT. The Denver International Airport is shaped like an ALIEN's Face. From the air, on the map you can, see the shape of the head, and two dark eyes in slits, spread just a little, bit apart from each other. The eyes almost appear to have reptilian pupils in them. I know it sounds out there, but I think that airport was design to resemble an ALIEN'S face from the air. If you can, go search it, on the google map, zoom in a little, right on top of the location of the airport. Trace the face out and eyes, so you can see it better! I feel this is important, for all of us to know. The Address is; 8500 Pena Blvd, Denver, Colorado, 80249. Punch this address, into google map. It will lead you right to it. You will be able to clearly see the ALIEN's face the cut off point of Pena Blvd, at the Airport. Elizastorm
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