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Message Subject Denver International Airport is Shaped like ALIEN''s face
Poster Handle Elizastorm
Post Content
in the mid-2000's i used to fly through that airport to connect to a flight to go to a client site in albuquerque all the time and that place kinda creeped me out bc of the murals and whatnot. i was relieved once direct united flights started from dulles to albuquerque.

wth is up with that place? i've read of many conspiracy theories, but why would anyone push that kind of stuff right into our faces? do people think those murals qualify as art? it's creepy.
 Quoting: m&m's

All I can tell you, is I think those murals, were put there to warn all of us, about what bad people have planed for all of the people of earth. I also feel all those circle patterns surrounding the airport are not for farm irrigation systems. I believe all those circles and patterns, are some form of math equations. Some kind of language that uses a system of symbols and numbers, probably based on the math equation of pie. What ever the case may be the circles from some type of code that can only be scene by something in the air. The question is why? Signing off. Elizastorm
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