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Message Subject CALL For an International Conference on UFO's
Poster Handle AnotherConcernedCitizen
Post Content
We have been Misled and Programmed about how to think about the UFO story, almost from Day one.

Cong. Darlene Hooley asked: "When did we start this whole ridicule... piece?"

(Here's what Peter Robbins said in the Citizens Hearing):

How did UFO's become a soft target for ridcule?
How was this kneejerk creation get created? It was not an accident, it took years of management, but started immediately.

It began with the first report in 1947, when 98% of the NY Times reportage, was condescending, and full of ridicule.

Other papers tend to follow the lead of the Times - which was full of inaccuracies and pseudo-science.
AND Those reports were misleading, with nonsense like: "We are concerned, they may be Soviet."

Also, in those early days, members of the Government committee(s) charged with investigating teh reports, met with heads of the newspapers and media, and suggested how the reporting should be handled.
Wed Morning's Session : [link to www.citizenhearing.org]

How can this Ridicule-Reaction be broken ?

This was asked - and who has the answer anyway. Perhaps an International Conference on UFO's is an important step, since the Press might feel compelled to cover that seriously, and with genuine integrity.
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