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Message Subject Do you believe in aliens? ET? UFOs? Here on Earth? Amongst us. Now?
Poster Handle IamHayaH
Post Content
Yay or Nay. Just curios how many here are believer or non-believers.
 Quoting: Luke CosmicWalker(Fooled)

Definitely a big yes. It would be unlikely that there is all that space out there, given vastness of universe and all of that, and have us be alone. There are likely many different species out there, some quite advanced, some not so much.

Ufo's here on Earth, 100 percent sure of that, and likely have been here for quite a while. Likely multiple species involved for various reasons; know of two for sure.

Aliens on earth, again 100 percent sure of that, though not sure of all specifics. At least quite a few are here reincarnated or "walked in" from other planets, some pass messages via people who channel. Know a few of those for sure as well.

Would not be surprised if some are just plain here visiting, but do not have any confirmation on that myself. It just would not surprise me in the least.

Would also not be surprised if there was no coverup, that the government just plain didn't know anything either. After all, why would superior beings involve themselves with earth politics and power struggles; and why would they make calls or inquiries of the white house? I know for sure that most ET races would not acknowledge the whole sovereignty of 200+ separate countries; with multiple factions within each. The whole thing seems like high school cliques and quite silly when one approaches it looking in from the outside. So I believe it is more likely that they would count the earth as ONE PLANET, but given how bad things and unstable things are here right now, I'm sure no higher ET intelligence would reveal itself as of yet. I do believe though fully that there is damage control being done, outside of view, and without direct interference. I also believe that contact is likely to occur with individuals at first and through indirect means, such as letting people see ships, and become aware of them slowly but surely. Especially as science catches up to knowledge that proves that we are not alone.

I also fully believe that eventually, once people are ready, the ET's themselves would reveal themselves to the whole world in an obvious way that cannot be denied or explained away. Sadly right now, most people are not ready to handle the culture shock of first contact. But hopefully in 10 - 20 years we may be ready, and then it would happen. And no, I don't think they would ask the government's permission to do so. More likely they are waiting for permission from humanity as a whole to come forward. Once people ACTIVELY show that they want ET help and that they are ready to meet them I am sure more will develop to make it happen. I have not seen any such attempt yet though, so I know it will be a while.

Just my two cents.

HayaH ---
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