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Message Subject Do you believe in aliens? ET? UFOs? Here on Earth? Amongst us. Now?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Is it just me, or does it just seem plain stupid not to believe in aliens anymore?

I mean, how closed-minded, arrogant, selfish, unintelligent, absorbed in their meaningless life and without vision must one be, to think that we are the only living intelligent species in the universe.
 Quoting: Luke CosmicWalker(Fooled)

Believing in aliens or not has nothing to do with ego or arrogance. It has to do with EVIDENCE.

Then one thing are aliens, other is "aliens on Earth".
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39290596

Actually it does. Life beyond the realm of perception has a lot to do with ego, because the ego is disconnected from things beyond its perception. This is why I pointed this out because many do not know this. Our beliefs, sense of self and identity is all related to the ego.

Many spiritual people for instance believe in Extra-terrestrials for instance.

Many skeptics within the scientific community, for example do not.

People come to be what they are, including their occupation as a scientist, philosopher etc because of their ego.

The ego is a highly sensory-based entity. Anything that is beyond the capability of its senses, and it will have trouble believing.

Whereas believers in UFO/Aliens, have within a feeling of belief that is coming from something deep within, that knows the value of things which cannot be explained alone by sensory input. We all come from the same source, our soul knows the existence of spiritual things like God, spiritual realms, ghosts and aliens. It knows all these things and much more, having existed in many reincarnations and aeons of existence. The ego blocks the remembrance and feelings of these things.

That saying nowadays and the demand for "EVIDENCE" is a strong one. This is because we live in a world with a lot of egos, and that saying is liked by the ego. The existence of aliens, ghosts etc endangers the whole mechanism of the ego so it chooses to discount it.

Evidence is already here. How many times evidence would be put out, but the ego disliking the change of its beliefs chooses to ignore it, finding it more comfortable to stay the same.

Also, let me point out that our ability to gather evidence is not limited to the physical realm. People are just too closed minded to know, experience alternative forms of evidence gathering.
 Quoting: Luke CosmicWalker

I'm one who doesn't "believe", meaning for me, that I don't blindly follow opinion based on what some experts say simply because it's "comfortable" for me. I used to believe what most lay people believe in trying to look at our existence, our reality. I believed you're born, you live your life, you die...that's it. Then I had a heart attack and with it a near death experience. Since then I've done tons of research. Spirituality exists, and that spirituality pulls it all together. Other dimensions, other intelligent beings on other planets are no longer scoffed at by many of our top physicists. Makes perfect sense when you open your mind and heart and do some honest research and soon realize what we've been conditioned to believe begins to fall apart. Even physics seem to be going in this direction and support this.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39098660

So, OP, I've got to add, what you've said makes perfect sense to me.
It's ridiculous to assume that earth has been in existence for 4 1/2 billion years of the universes 13 1/2 billion years of existence. Since hydrogen and oxygen are among the first three most common elements in the universe (I believe Helium is second, which doesn't form compounds), it's almost laughable to assume that life didn't take hold untold billions of times and places long before the earth even came into existence.
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