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Message Subject Man-made New Madrid Earthquake and Massive Flood Conspiracy. Predicted to happen in Obama's 2nd term. 3rd false flag!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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 Quoting: Salt

Great thread Salt. It just keeps bumping up in frequency and intensity. And you can just tell with all the distractions going on something big is coming, they didnt pass all of these new laws for nothing. They are bound and determined to take this nation down by what ever means.

And God did say they would prevail against the saints for a time. The gaps aren't that far apart now, and so much deception is prevailing, it cant possibly mean something good. And evil is being paraded as righteousness all around us.
 Quoting: saved

about 20 yrs ago i was given a vision. i saw a map of the continental US that was divided in three places. i was strongly encouraged to move to colorado (which i did) because of this vision. the continent divides due to massive earthquake and flooding.

now i have been trying to leave colorado for months and every possible thing that could stop this move for me has blocked my path. maybe this is why? i dont know. i dont want to make this a personal thread.
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