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Message Subject Man-made New Madrid Earthquake and Massive Flood Conspiracy. Predicted to happen in Obama's 2nd term. 3rd false flag!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Is there a synopsis available please?

ok, here goes...

the madrid fault, the one that basically divides the continent in half, is waking up - sink holes, bird and fish die offs, earthquakes in weird places, etc etc. Fracking is making this worse, the BP Spill is directly connected, and also the layer of salt sediment (i aint no geologist) is dissolving. HAARP can pin-point areas and create earth quakes. The area pinpointed will be the madrid fault. this is symbolized with the flag being ripped in half in I Pet Goat vid as well as the flooded portion in front of the burning twin towers. i don't know if this will be the 3rd false flag (I dont agree with that as it says in the vids) but i think it will be the next one, or coming very soon. this is a man-made natural disaster with dire agenda for america.

i have predicted for some time, as a result of the last two years of my own research (glorified hobby) that the anti-christ will rise after a series of false flags, which was delightfully presented in the I Pet Goat vid. I did a thread on that which is posted at the top of this thread.

there's way more to it, and the data is presented in the vids i provided in the OP.
 Quoting: Salt

Anti-fracking people are all liberals trying to scare us in abandoning our own natural resources, which is what Obama wants. Nope. Fracking is NOT causing earthquakes and will not cause earth quakes. The science is all as reliable as "global warming."
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