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Message Subject According to OBAMA Im RICH and deserved to be punished -WTF Obomination!
Poster Handle protoculture
Post Content
So, not only am I a full time paramedic, I'm also CEO and founder of A midsize home health and senior care corporation which provides jobs for around 90 unskilled and 45 skilled nurses/CNA's etc. AND in my free time I also Own about 40+ domain names and build websites for products I CREATE (Only 12 up and running right now) ---(Kind of excited about new one (resistancepress.com) Don't worry mods...its not advertising only site structure up right now.

ANYWAY I start work at 530 every morning...don't get done till 7 pm...just in time to get home check homework and tuck my kids into bed. THEN I'm back to work in my home office on whatever I didn't finish that day. And on the days I am on the bird I work 24 hours. I have not had a full day off in a decade.

According to Obama MY HARD EARNED income shouldn't belong to me. It should go to the lazy degenerates that refuse to work. Nothing pissess me off more than driving past the public aid office and seeing ESCALADES!
So now I am being taxed 60% on every dollar I earn and it is going to the lazy octomoms who refuse to get off their asses and get a job. It is going to pay for their abortions and now BREAST IMPLANTS..

Apparently I don't deserve the money I slaved my ass off for and saved. Apparently the dredges of society are more deserving.
I for one and so fucking sick of it! I am going on strike!

Fuck you Obama and fuck you for creating a nation of lazy dependents who think they are owed something for doing nothing.

If society does collapse....AWESOME! Maybe those poor uneducated bastards will realize you actually have to WORK to eat and get off their ass.

I don't owe you a damn thing. It is your own piss poor decisions that got you into that section 8 apt. in the ghetto with your ten babies. YOU chose not to apply yourself. YOU chose not to give a damn about school. YOU chose to be lazy AND YOU chose to get knocked up at 12. NOT me. I don't owe you a living wage or a damn thing. If you are pissed off about your place in life and want someone to blame...pick up a fucking mirror!


Sorry GLP....just had a nasty phone call from the IRS....apparently the 60% I paid wasn't enough then a call from the unemployment office where a non skilled worker who has REPEATEDLY turned down work is filing for unemployment and there's not a damn thing for me to do about it. And that's not all....she was ABOUT to be fired for showing up late AND a no call no show which according to our manual is automatic termination.
t's like...why bother anymore? The lazy are rewarded and the hard workers are punished. How assbackwards is THAT?!
I needed to get it off my chest....thanks!

 Quoting: ResistancePress

Great another absentee father. Can't believe people are giving you props for this.....addiction to work is the exact mental sickness the system wants you ot have in order to make money for them! It's a dysfunction of the free spirit.....you must be a real empty person.
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