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Message Subject According to OBAMA Im RICH and deserved to be punished -WTF Obomination!
Poster Handle Manu-Koelbren
Post Content
What exactly do you do? You've explained what you have but what *work* do you exactly do?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 36575901

Well kind of self explanatory...but for you Ill make an exception...

Im a paramedic...so when the fourteen yr old goes into labor...I deliver the baby.
When the gangbanger gets shot...I keep him alive.
When the gay man down the street gets a hamster stuck in his ass I keep him calm and pretend to believe it crawled in there while he was asleep.
When the crackhead overdoses I give her narcan
When someone gets in a car accident I keep them alive until the surgeons get their hands on him.

As a business owner I drive around 100 miles a day maketing to nursing homes and physicians, I recruit new employees...I deal with unemployment, the IRS, workmans comp, late employees, unprofessional employees, mad employees, employees who don't show up, employees who show up on the wrong day, happy clients, concerned family members, mad clients, I deal with billing, payroll, insurance, and deductions.

As a webmaster, I teach. Wrote a book for paramedics, wrote a book for EMT's, developed an IOS app for emt's and paramedics to use for the NREMT, I teach ACLS, ITLS, PALS, and PHTLS, I teach the medic program a the college which qualifies me to write a book on it...I also write books for startups, homecare owners, manuals, training guides accredited by the alzheimers association....

Need me to keep going bud?
 Quoting: ResistancePress

You were born in the wrong time, 60-70 years ago people like you had more of a chance, now it's more profitable to be a leech.
 Quoting: Manu-Koelbren

I just turned 30 this year.....supposed to live the American dream and all that....still have an entire lifetime but now...I say why bother.
 Quoting: ResistancePress

Who told you that you're "supposed" to live anything in particular? We are all born in a determinate time and whatever we get, we get. No one is assured a right to live a prosperous, harmonious existence, this is something that cultures create through a lot of effort and discipline and usually it's lost after a while when the next generations after those who made it happen become complacent. The American dream is dead unfortunately, now comes the American nightmare (although the whole Western world is due to suffer a lot)tytler
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