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Message Subject According to OBAMA Im RICH and deserved to be punished -WTF Obomination!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Sorry, I'm from Canada and I speak french but I want to say something here. We have almost the same system here. People who work got to pay for people who don't work.

It's frustating, I understand that pretty much but I'm not swimming in money here. I'm 18 years old and still live with my parent even if I don't think it's normal. I see everyday my brother of 22 years old. He still live at home with my parents but he's working hard and complaining about these kind of system too. I'm not afraid to admit that I don't work but I would prefer kill myself than have a job and pilling money while my mother clean my bedroom like he's doing. If my parents didn't took care of him all these years he wouldn't have a job right now and what is bothering me the most is that he can't even thank them for that. I think that he have some chance to become rich someday but he won't take care of my parents even if he wouldn't be rich without them. He's not a monster but he forget these things...

My parents have not more money than him but they would help him pay the bill even if he spent all his hard work money in weed. I saw all my childhood my parents suffer because they worked hard but was not able to pay for their house because the contractor for their house took advantage of a young couple. We had to rent a house from a guy who is rich and lazy as fuck(Didn't want to work at all when we had a problem/His father gave him the house. He even admit to us have sold a freaking shopping mall because it was to much trouble.)but he seem less lazy when we were not able to pay our loan and he even threat my parent that he was going to sue them. Even if I know they would pay him whenever they would have enough money.

To be honest, it broke me because I wish I was strong enough to give them the world. The fact is that whenever I want to do something there's alway someone to laugh at me even if it is something I should be proud of. I know, stupid people will always exist lol but I'm a obsessive person, I can think about those things all night long so I'm afraid of everything. Everyone is important for me, even the people that I don't know, every opinion count and affect me. So I can't live like this without doing anything of my life and I certainly can't let other people pay for me all my life so if I don't get over this big part of who I am in the next few years I will probably ask for death to come get me because I can't let my parents nor someone else pay for me.

There's poor and rich people but not everyone should be blame for something. I saw my parents work hard while being poor and the OP saw poor and lazy people. But not all of us don't wish to work and the one who are poor and wish to work need money because they'll finish homeless and I'm pretty sure no one will hire them for that very reason. So when I think about this thing that OP is complainig about, I think it suck but it is necessary. If I had to decide I would say, "hey OP keep your money you worked hard for it." but then I would not know what to say to the homeless people and I would probably change my mind. It sad and it sucks that why in my own code I can't accept money from others. They try to equalize thing and make it right but in each side(Poor/Rich) we hurt the other side and make us hate each other. I was angry at rich people before but I know now that I don't have the right to blame anyone. I admire you OP that why I need to ask you to think about the good that your money can make instead to think about some lazy guy that will bought some KFC with it. You deserve all the money you make but the law say otherwise.
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