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Message Subject According to OBAMA Im RICH and deserved to be punished -WTF Obomination!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

So how much money do you make? You never said anything about that. HOW much are you making?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39209817

See if people saw how much you are making, many people will see you are rich. Right? So what if you are working "long hours." It's your choice, right? At least you get to do the work. Many people do not. Many people, hard workers, are thrown out of work and told by people like you they are poor excuses of humanity for not having a job. Even though they worked harder than you and get laid off. And the rich people make sure they need LESS workers to get the money they are making, so more and more people are jobless. The rich made them jobless then tell them they are at fault.

It's nice to talk about "people have to work" but it fails to meet the reality of the work situation and how much work is really needed. The rich will not give proper share of wealth for the work level really needed. So there will be people "taking it from the government." YOU make it so.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39209817

That's the thing though...the only reason I can live debt free is bc I work so much. If I worked only 40 hours a week I'd have debt up to my eyeballs. I was raised not to be a drain on the economy....

So it pisses me off when Im called rich. I'd rather be called a hard worker...for that is what I am. RICH, I most certainly am not thanks to Obama..I can't comment on bush bc I wasn't a business owner when he was the president. Though Im sure it wasn't that much better then either.
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