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Subject On UFO's: "That means we are Living a Lie!"
Poster Handle WeCANhandleTheTruth
Post Content
(UPDATE from the Citizens Disclosure Hearings):

... sadly, you won't get this in the Maistream Media...

MORE HuffPost comments

"We don't call them "aliens", we call them: "EBE's"
- from a video at the CHD, a quote attributed to a senior military officer, and said by he who heard it in the video.
. . .
LMH: "Did he say when the public be allowed to know?"
Guy: "Probably never."
LMH: "That means we are living in a lie!"
LMH: "How does that make you feel as an American?"
Guy: (with emotion): "I think the public should be allowed to know."

George Lincoln8
Okinanawa testimony -
Another great contribution from Linda Moulton Howe. She has a military veteran on camera talking very convincingly about the Aliens he saw. This is backed up by several pictures he has drawn showing what he saw: Alien bodies, that look nothing like humans. They are shorter, and thinner, with elongated limbs and odd looking eyes and fingers. My sense was very definitely that this was a genuine and true memory of what really happened. I hope we will see the whole thing soon on YouTube. And that it will go viral.

Scientists are working on better forms of propulsion all the time..But light speed travel is impossible.....

George Lincoln8
"Light speed travel is impossible" - so say you. 100 years ago or more, there was a novel entitled: "Around the World in 80 Days," and that was thought to be fast. Already, some scientists are beginnning to think that the Speed of Light is not the limit that it was once thought to be.

[link to www.huffingtonpost.com]
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