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Message Subject Alabama Democrats discover multiple Obama birth certificates...
Poster Handle Innards_outward
Post Content
The only difference is that the Alabama 2013 version is a fresh print of the same document printed for the 2011 release. The green background of the paper isn't perfectly aligned because they are separate copies of the original. The green paper is not part of the copy in the archive being copied. The grid paper proves it is an original copy of the document in the Honolulu archive, as subsequent copies would have leave artifacts of the green pattern such as to prevent copies from being seen as the original.

Nothing to see here... Grasping at straws.
 Quoting: Rekutyn


No one can find or view the original one. All of them that have been posted are all pdf and/or photo shopped. Smoke and mirrors work good on the sheep. Keep trying I commend you might make a good shill eh?

I bet ya not even his OB wife would be able to see his birth cert. Kenyan Gov doesn't keep good records
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