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Message Subject Why the Government doesn't want you to believe in aliens? Any answers? I have some.
Poster Handle Luke CosmicWalker
Post Content
People have been watching way too much History Channel Ancient Aliens.

Aliens and Demons are two separate thing. This perspective comes from the dogmatic religious point of view.

Because Catholic/Christians brainwashed by dogmatism, don't believe in anything not mentioned in the Bible. Therefore, since the Bible has no mention of aliens, they equate aliens to demons. This is not the case.

A better perspective.
Imagine there are many Earth like planets in the universe. Each endowed and visited by God and prophets, and each with a sacred text (like Bible, Tao Te Ching etc).

Each inhabitant of the planets maybe see angels and demons.

There can be demons originating from our planet, and there can be demons originating from other planets. Calling all demons alien is foolish.
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