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Message Subject Why the Government doesn't want you to believe in aliens? Any answers? I have some.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Don't you think it is quite disgusting, that your Government doesn't want you to believe in the existence of thing that exist.

So why do they not tell you about Extra-terrestrials? Perhaps they fear that the reverse engineering alien technology that they have been doing will be intervened by international world and also they will lose the upper-hand they have against the other countries military technology.

But there might be another reason. The ET are very intelligent beings. They know what the government is doing to its people. The being from other world no more about the planet on which we live upon, than the inhabitants themselves.

Imagine finding out from the aliens themselves the manipulation that the Illuminati is inflicting upon its citizens.

Moreover, the aliens know the reason of our existence. With that purpose in mind, none of us are living up to that purpose. For people to live up to that purpose, would mean the Illuminati losing control. So why wouldn't the control freak Illuminati let you know about aliens and lose control?
 Quoting: Luke CosmicWalker

Reason is simple. Aliens are not aliens. They're trans-dimensional beings who rule by proxy and deception. The LAST thing they want is people being aware of them.
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