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Message Subject Why the Government doesn't want you to believe in aliens? Any answers? I have some.
Poster Handle Luke CosmicWalker
Post Content
Illuminati puts aliens on TV a lot for one purpose, to engender fear. In almost all alien movies its all about promoting fear.

Not since Steven Spielberg's E.T.:Extra-Terrestrial and Close Encounters of the Third Kind have aliens been viewed to the world population as a friendly species. Trying to think of some more, but none come to mind at the moment.

Aliens are NOT demons. Aliens are friendly. The US is committing great slander and defamation with all its FALSE movies, against something that hasn't a voice in the world to defend itself.

Yet people think they are bad. Why? Because their TV said so. LMAO! Their telly dictates to them what their beliefs ought to be.

Do not confuse the Illuminati and Aliens.

They've done this with Jesus, they've done this with the Jews, and now they do it with aliens. There are just using them as masks to affect your beliefs about them.
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