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Smoking Bans: Sign of Zombie Times?

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United Kingdom
05/03/2013 09:15 AM
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Smoking Bans: Sign of Zombie Times?
Dr. Segura takes on the third rail of modern medicine: smoking. ‘Everyone’ knows it’s bad for you. But how do you explain that, since smoking rates have dropped, lung cancer & heart disease have skyrocketed? Why all the focus on smoking when it’s obvious that other things are far worse? Could it be redirection, so we focus on blame, rather than solutions?

by Gabriela Segura, M.D.

I’m sick and tired of the anti-smoking culture that has taken over the entire world. I have had enough of hearing “don’t smoke, it’s bad for you!!” The ignorance that betrays such remarks is utterly abysmal, especially coming from people who should know better. So for all those who have asked me why do I actually smoke, I’m going to explain my reasons in this article.

I have found anti-smoking activists to be intolerant, judgmental Authoritarian Follower types. They believe and parrot emotionally charged catchphrases taken straight from government anti-smoking propaganda. Doctors and non-smokers alike are guilty of this. They feel righteous when providing such ‘advice’ yet fail to take notice of how ill they themselves look, and forget that, in many cases, their own health issues went downhill when they stopped smoking. Thanks to some pretty convoluted thinking, if they are some day diagnosed with a serious disease, they will later blame their ‘smoking years’, while overlooking the real culprits of today’s modern diseases: junk diets high in carbohydrates and the industrial-scale toxicity that has choked our environment.

[link to gaia-health.com]
You are the CEO of your own wellness. You need to take back your health from the disease-care system

User ID: 28774186
05/03/2013 09:24 AM
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Re: Smoking Bans: Sign of Zombie Times?
good article, keep on smoking, I know I will.


User ID: 39139483
United States
05/03/2013 09:26 AM
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Re: Smoking Bans: Sign of Zombie Times?
cheers now putting coat on to go outside to smoke, lol!
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